About Us

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John Andan |Owner & Chief Creative Officer Andan Design & The Shire GH

Creative | Builder | Thought starter | Art Director | Husband | Father & former Firefighter & First responder EPFD MN

Our Story

After resigning my role as the Sr. Art Director & acting Creative Director of a global advertising firm and starting my own freelance design studio, I began the daunting journey of “concept to REALITY” in bringing my passion project to life.

The result is The Shire ltd. I have been in charge of the conceptualization, design, and building of this beach home project off the Atlantic coast of Ghana. Located above the beautiful sandy beaches of Langma, near Kokrobite – only 45 minutes from Accra, Ghana’s vibrant capital city.

It boasts incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and sits on a wooded hillside that slopes dramatically to the water’s edge some 300 meters away. The Shire is beautifully designed; modern yet classic – and built to conform to, and take advantage of, its picturesque surroundings. Come discover The Shire – an incredible one-of-a-kind experience. An Andan design creative studio creation


John is the chief creative officer who specializes in building brands. The inspiration and creative mind behind the Shire ltd.
He has designed with forward-thinking companies locally and globally, building brands through interactive-media, print design, brand functional design, and innovation. Over the years, he has developed work for consumers across 21 countries(CWAR) and understands the impact of brand identity and creative strategic direction for the success of businesses. He has spearheaded documentaries, a music-based reality show, as well as enhanced and developed various philosophies and brand cultures. andandesign.com.